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I rode to Northerly Island last night for the first time since last year and the path on the lake side has completely collapsed in a couple of spots.

Does anyone know of the Parks department's plans about this?  This would be a major reconstruction and would probably require an effective breakwater off the shore to prevent it from being washed out every few months.

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Also, does anyone know what this new building will be used for?

Considering how new all of this is, this is really sad. I hope they fix it (well) soon.

Assuming these are the same spots that have been at issue in the past, this looks like it will be a recurring problem until the Army Corps of Engineers figures out a workable breakwall solution (and how to pay for it).

When I was out there last spring, much of Northerly Island was closed off with barriers.

I think it has been this way since a few months after it opened like four years ago. Basically, the Army Corps of Engineers/Park District did not adequately account for erosion from waves. The original plan post- Meigs Field included barrier islands or reefs to shield Northerly Island from waves, but they were too expensive and were not built.

Based on the pictures and dates of those articles, I guess its been a lot longer than I remembered since I rode the full trail.

Yeah, that eastern part of the trail has had issues all along, but last year it was still passable and you could easily ride around the barriers.

Now you can't ride it, unless you have serious off-road skills, and you have to lift your bike over the southern barrier.

Before this, it was mainly issues with gravel and stones pushed over the trail by high waves and the underlying ground being eroded slowly.  I guess this winter sped that process up and the pavement buckled.

I'm pessimistic that we'll see a lasting solution. It would be a major project just to fix the trail. But then add on the necessity of a breakwater, and it will be too costly.

I think we'll have half a trail on Northerly Island for the foreseeable future.

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I think the last thing I heard was CPD and the US Army Corp were in negotiations about it, as it seems kind of obvious the US Army Corp needs to make the fix, but they may be considering a new design or user strategy. It really is a bummer, I love taking a spin over to Northerly.

It was a nice park after they closed Miegs field then the park district had a great idea to make it better by re doing it and putting a lagoon in the middle then party tents and Urban camping which essentially turns public space private.


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