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Help us show our support for West Town Bikes - we are on a mission to get 200 email sign-ups by the end of Tour De Fat. To help that along, we have a few incentives. 


When we reach 200, we will Donate our special West Town Bikes edition Model 1 (currently at Ciclo Urbano) to West Town in support of their fantastic Programs and Initiatives. Signup at the bottom of our website or in person at Tour De Fat


All people who sign-up at our booth during Tour De Fat will be entered to win a new Abus Bordo Lock, courtesy of Abus and Cargo Bike Roll Call 


The first 20 people to sign up at our TDF Booth will receive a code for a free iOS download of the latest Chicago Bike Guide. The best way to navigate Chicago's vast network of bikeways and cool destinations. Get trip directions, find available Divvy bikes and docks, read The Chainlink, Tumblr, and Twitter, all giving you the perfect view of getting around by bike in Chicago.

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Signed up!

Signing up tomorrow!



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