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some asshat decided to slash a bunch of bike tires parked near the metra station downtown.  here is mine.20161031_093847.jpg

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That's just plain evil.

Is there a camera in the facility?

Which Metra station?

Happens pretty regular.

Be glad they weren't cutting spokes.

I found a complaint about it online from a few years back. I've been parking there overnight and weekends for 3 years. By Ogilvy. This is the first it's happened to me. I've had a front wheel stolen, a skewer stolen and this. So not horrible for 3 yrs but my bike is a beater, big time. I was kind of surprised when they broke a lock to snatch the wheel.

Slashing wheels is just evil, I agree.

I'd be doubly shocked to find cut spokes though.

I hate leaving my bike out in public view.  I'm just as concerned about senseless vandalism like this as I am with actual theft.  How awesome would it be to have one of these near Union and/or Ogilvie?

pretty cool for sure.  but probably cost way more than buying a new tire and tube, or wheel, every few years

Plus, what happens if it breaks down with your bike in there, as I'm sure would happen frequently in Chicago?  I prefer to keep it simple, myself.

Yes, why does it have to be a robot? Could there be money to be made with bicycle parking garages?


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