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New group - open invite for those interested in classic chicago architecture

Hello. I love cycling. I love Chicago architecture. I tool around the city looking at the marvelous built environment all the time. every month I do free rides that focus on this, which I certainly invite everyone to do, but I was also hoping to do rides out of Chicago, as well as rides based on themes. As an example, buildings of a particular architect....someone less obvious but grandly spectacular....Chicago is full of them. Clarence Hatzfeld, Walter Burley Griffin, Dwight Perkins, etc.

I want to do rides with people interested in the same. I would love to see photo exchanges and discussions. I am happy to repeat my rides for any time we can get a group of 10 together at a mutually agreeable time. I am happy to plan new thematic rides and expand into the surrounding lands and areas.

Anyone game? Visit the group site at:

Thanks Ross for the modified logo....heh heh....

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Here is the rides I can repeat whenever we get a group of 10 together. They are all planned with routes and visits to significant architectural finds in each of the listed areas. I have notes all of the buildings with pedigrees and also try to route through good blocks with multiple examples. With enough notice, I can make most times work as long as they don't conflict with the normal tours. Normal tours are the last Saturday of the month in the winter and the last Sunday of the month March through October.

Portage Park

Logan Square

Irving Park


Albany Park


Jefferson Park
Summary/presentation: still working on it....

OK... and here is the 2009 schedule:

March 29 – Forest Glen
April 26 – North Center (In cooperation with
May 31 – Austin – (In cooperation with the Active Transportation Alliance and City Year)
June 28 – West Town
July 26 – Hyde Park - (In cooperation with the Active Transportation Alliance and City Year)
August 30 – Lincoln Square (In cooperation with
September 27 – North Park
October 25 – Norwood Park

And finally here are a few ideas that I have for some rides if folks are game....i could easily assemble these rides:

Prairie Tour (Might be necessary to limit this to areas...a northside tour to start could easily be done with 12-20 stops of significant finds and anywhere from 20 to 30 miles total.....)

Night time Architecture Tour (Buildings well lit or in unique night-time display/contrast/presentation in some way. a little more challenging but a fun bunch of research!) - city center maybe....

Public Buildings Tour (self-explanatory, but fun because Chicago has had some pretty awesome civic architects and projects)

I am pretty geeked about all of this!
please keep me up to date with your planned rides... really great of you to get so into it, and so organized... anxious for springtime to really hit... lost my job, so have plenty of time to group things (world naked bike ride, critical mass, etc.)but not a pub crawl kind of a guy, so your rides/themes are great for me...... (and isn't that the world's cutest baby???)
best, keith


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