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This isn't directly bike-related, but I have no better place to vent.

I was walking to the Metra just before 6am this morning. Driver distraction has gotten so bad, that even when I walk, if it's dark out, I attach one of my little white flashing lights to my coat, and always have a red PDW taillight on my book bag. This morning, I got to the intersection of Asbury and Lake in Evanston (a four-way stop), and despite the fact that the nearest car (a white minivan)  was probably a half a block away, I stopped to make sure he was going to yield the right-of-way. I saw him slow down pretty significantly and assumed he was stopping, so I proceeded into the crosswalk. I don't know when I realized this was a PACE van, but at some point the logo was clearly visible. I was about halfway across Asbury when he accelerated. I was close enough (less than a foot) that I slapped his left rear quarter window hard as he went by. That caused him to tap his brakes, but then he took off.

I called PACE and left an expletive-laden voice mail for their customer service people. I doubt they will return my call. I hope it melted the ears of whoever listened the message. Their job is to transport people with mobility problems, not create more customers for their service.

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Yeesh.  You were on a quiet street at a quiet time of day with simply no excuse for the driver to fail to see you regardless of being lit. I am glad to hear it was a scare and not a tragedy. I am also glad to hear that it appears that somebody at Pace intends to follow up with the driver.

I think i am going to take the little light off of my bike seat (I have lights on my helmet and rack) and start throwing it in my bag for walks to and from the train.




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