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Anyone else heard of this effort to connect trails coast-to-coast.  If this were to happen in my lifetime, I'd happy burn some vacation to ride it every summer!

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It is an interesting idea although it doesn't solve much of a pressing problem.  It really would be nice to ride for a month across the country, but net gain of it versus the cost would vary greatly by person.  As with many things, it's a nice to have versus a must-have.  Meanwhile we struggle to get the lane markings sorted out by Belmont on the LFT.  Even so, the cool factor is there, sort of like the Appalachian Trail is for our hiker friends.  Same/same, and, people like to hike portions of it without having to travel end to end. 

So is it be the first next dollar we should spend on cycling infrastructure?  No, but could we?  Sure!  Would the money be better spent on educating people on the importance of not wearing their helmet backwards? (different thread in this space) Yes.  But as we see here, there are so many interests and opinions, different people with different priorities might be able to press this forward and get it done.  At least it tells us that there's interest in cycling.  

"The Great American Rail-Trail will be multi-use, with public trails available for activities such as cycling, walking, wheelchair use, inline skating, cross-country skiing, and horseback riding."

Indeed, and as mentioned different people with different priorities, offer enough (at least we expect) pooled interest.  My hunch is that like with the DNR, being able to pool a coalition of support sure goes a long way.  


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