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I had a feeling this winter, like the last two, would bring at least one episode of a weather condition I've never seen before in my life.
Well, hallelujah, it's raining ice.

Getting a cassette swapped out and the studded wheels back on their bike just became a mandate....

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Success. Studly is ready to roll...

Oh no! It's warming up steadily - I rode while it was frozen (~5pm) and it was hairy but not unrideable and I just have cross tires on, and then when I was out a half-hour ago, it wasn't bad at all. 36° now and sposed to climb to 60 by Tuesday. Uh, sorry!

Yesterday was dangerous to WALK much less ride.  Sidewalks in East Rogers Park were like skating rinks.  I chickened out.

By 5:00 p.m., sidewalks in Beverly were as slick as what Bill described in Rogers Park. Riding may have been slightly safer than walking - where streets were salted.

I always felt The Ice Storm was a hauntingly real movie with Sigourney Weaver and not an invitation for a bike ride. When conditions are right, and yesterday was one of those days, its tough to be out regardless of your means of transportation.  Snow is one thing. It can be a challenge, it can be a delight, it can be a mess.  Ice?  At its best it can totter on the border of tragedy and comedy depending on whether you are the rider or simply the one watching. Really, its an opportunity for a mechanic or an orthopedist. If you are  up for it, go get 'em! I think the chickens in Rogers Park must have big brains. I may have to go vegetarian.

Au Contraire-- they make it impossible to slip while riding on ice. I'm not saying they're worth the expense for the majority of year-round cyclists, but they made it entirely possible to ride to my destination yesterday evening.

Clint H said:

I grew up about 300 miles due south of here, where we get this stuff with some frequency. Studded tires don't really help. Weather like this, the best you can do is stay home.



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