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I was thinking about this recently... what are the most bike friendly apartments you can think of? 

We viewed a complex with both indoor bike storage and a bike repair room.


What is important to you -- or what are some perks -- when viewing apartments for your cycling habit/addiction/love/commute? I don't care where in Chicagoland it is (Chicago proper or burbs)

Do share!

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I've been in Chicago for ten years now, nine in my first flat and a year in my current one. Both are two- or three-flats owned by an individual. I keep all my bikes in the basement, where I can do what I want, and have one set of neighbors, who are great. I use my sun room in the back of the kitchen as a bike shop when I'm building a bike or doing maintenance. Previous apartment was the same, but my landlady was a fastidious German who was driven a bit crazy by all my bikes, so we came to the arrangement where I kept the three bikes I ride most in the laundry area and everything else was in her late husband's shop, which she gave me a key to. 

This kind of arrangement - as few neighbors as possible, good neighbors, a good landlord who you have a personal relationship with - is pretty much my gold standard. Good for bikes and cars! (I have a "problem" with both.)

Meg! I live in Deerfield.  Are you moving there? I’ve create a ladies bike group through Deerfield Cyclery but Need to grow and promote it.  

Hi Julie! Not immediately, we have a lot on our plate this summer and own a pet sitting business where we would need to part ways with some of our clients first and would need to ensure their needs are met first.

Recently, I was robbed by gunpoint. Not too long ago, our car was stolen.

At this point, I think we need a break from the city. 


I should add, my wife requires an elevator so walk-up buildings are not possible for our needs.


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