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I couldn't find any threads comparing brands of Merino wool jerseys, so I am posting this.

I am looking for a good quality Merino wool jersey or sweatshirt to use as a midlayer in cold riding, or as a top layer in cool weather. Preferably something that is cycling specific (cut longer in bottom, rear pocket, etc.) and with thumb loops so I can easily layer the sleeves under heavy gloves. I have been looking at the Chrome Cobra for some time now, but noticed that Surly has a wool jersey as well. I am also considering the Ibex Shak. Does anyone have any experience with these? Mission Workshop also makes some wool stuff, but it is a good deal more expensive than other options.

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Consider a Goodwill or Salvation Army store.  A men's XL 100% wool sweater runs $3 - $7.  Supply is hit or miss so plan to visit regularly.

I have been wearing this when the temps are under 45, down to 15, with a thin windbreaker. Great price, great midlayer. I am a big fan of smartwool (when on sale), the cut fits me well.

Are you looking for a jacket or midlayer? Those links are more jacket style

I am looking for more jacket/zip-up sweatshirt style that works well as both a midlayer and top layer.

i like smartwool stuff.

I just picked up the Bosun jacket from Mission Workshop and so far I love it. I found mine at Village Cycle Center on sale for $150. I wouldn't have paid for full price at $255 but at $150 it was worth it.

It's very tightly woven and thicker than most merino products I've come across, makes for a great jacket off the bike as well. It does not have thumb holes, a drop tail to cover your lower back, or a back pockets. That being said the overall length is enough to cover my back and the sleeves are generous enough when in the riding position. It does have one internal zip chest pocket on the right side which is about all I need.

It might not be what you are looking for exactly but for what it's worth you at least have a first hand review of it. is selling a nice looking jersey that might be right up your alley.

I love Mission Workshop stuff (I've got their Rummy messenger bag, Vandal backpack, and just ordered the Gobi wool cap) but they can be pricey. I've found that their high prices are certainly worth it, though. I did just shell out $240 for a Showers Pass waterproof jacket a few months ago, so spending another $265 on a good wool jacket seems a bit tough.

By the way, the Bosun does have a rear pocket and is cut lower in the back.

From MW Website:

The Bosun has one internal chest pocket, a touring-style rear pocket and one internal ported media pocket. It is cut slightly longer in the back and has reinforced shoulders and elbows made from military-spec 4-way stretch fabric from the USA. 


I've also looked at the Faroe. No zipper, but it is significantly cheaper than MW's other wool offerings.

Inexpensive merino jerseys, full zip available. I've no experience with them, but they look nice.

Indeed it does have a back pocket, too funny. Hadn't cared to look and yet to notice!

The Bosun is wonderful. I just recently sold mine to a Chainlink member to fund for more bike stuff. It makes an awesome mid layer in the cold, and works well as an outer so long as it isn't TOO cold and windy. Plus, it's cut awesome so you pretty much always look awesome and suave in it.

Check out the latest entry at

She has some recommendations. I checked out Vulpine - the short sleeve merino button was $138+ with shipping.

Actually, a cheap, polyester Pearlzumi works pretty darn good for me. $38. I had to put a new zipper in. Thing is, you need a thin windbreaker over it as the wind will go through it to some degree.

Here's another inexpensive option: $50. This is windproof, or it claims.

The Swobo Jerseys are awesome and IMO more durable compared to smartwool. Also, they don't really require any special washing care and don't stretch/shrink into weird shapes like other wool jerseys.



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