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Mellow Bike Route From Daley Plaza to Amitabul via North Branch Trail

I thought Chainlinkers might dig this route to Amitabul Korean Buddhist vegan restaurant (or Suprdawg.) Get back downtown via the Blue Line if you like. About 20 miles of biking total.

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Thanks John!   Your route looks more interesting than my usual route up to the North Branch:  Diversey west to R on Elston; north to R on Central, north to Devon & Caldwell and Bike Path...about 9 miles.

Is there any place to download the actual route, street names and turns?

Click on the link to the Google Map and zoom in and you should be able to figure out the route.

That looks like a nice mellow ride!  Elston is a great option as well and is almost 1/2 the miles. 


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