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In the last several years, Chicago has seen an explosion in the number of bike lanes created and opened. The lanes clearly demarcate sections of the roads for cycling downtown and in the neighborhoods. This is a wonderful initiative that encourages health and fitness, and may reduce the number of cars on the crowded streets of Chicago.

Like everything in life, the bike lanes came at a cost. It should have been the users—cyclists—who paid since they are the main beneficiaries of the service. They didn’t pay because Chicago does not have a bicycle registration tax.

The cities of Honolulu and Colorado Springs have successfully collected bicycle registration fees and used revenues for bicycle infrastructure improvements. I would create a bicycle registration fee program to pay for improvements to bike lanes.

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Yeah, well... would those fees help create a stolen bike recovery task force? Eh, no. Unenforceable boondoggle. As if traffic & parking division didn't already have enough work they're already not doing.

Indeed Mike, just as is pointed about above for a bike,  people use motorcycles, and for some it is their only means of transportation and they rely on it for enjoyment.  And every year they pay up the $45.00 fee for their version of the city sticker, essentially as may be proposed for bikes.  It doesn't plug the budget holes, and it isn't an anti-motorcycle tax either, nor an appeal from politicians on behalf of automobile drivers who complain about motorcycles (and there are many such people).

It's merely a user fee, modest as it may be. 

It isn't an anti-motorcycle conspiracy or dislike of such riders or anything like that.

From a 39th Ward Forum, from one of the candidates for Alderman of the 39th Ward:

Casey Smagala: The conversation around public transportation isn’t politics to me, it’s personal. I have never owned a car while I’ve lived in the city of Chicago. I’m a Brown Line commuter if I’m heading [downtown], and I’m on the Lawrence bus just about every day.

Does she ride bikes? 

EX-mayoral candidate.



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