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When asking around, I heard these three candidates are some potential good bike-friendly options:




Let's use this thread to discuss, bring in articles, quotations, and proof of bike-savviness. Cool?

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This is a great question. I have really enjoyed reading the comments. I'm going to take a step back and listen more to how the candidates view my community and our neighborhoods. The disproportionate ticketing of Black bicyclists stemmed from Rahm's finite decision of making us the villains in the Chicago story, period. Any candidate that continues that narrative will prevent/deter us from riding.

When Amara Eniya came to Rogers Park some weeks ago I asked her how she planned to improve bus service in the city. She shared that for a few years she primarily got around the city on bike. She still bikes for transportation and for recreation. That made me feel more confident voting for her knowing that she's had years of experience biking on the streets of Chicago. She was also able to connect the issue of shitty bus speeds to equity and economic development.

Biking and transit make up such a big part of my daily lived experience that I can't vote for anyone who doesn't get it. 

The things she said at Tuesday night's transit forum really sent the message that she gets it

Anyone else have more useful info, or has it been overshadowed by the aldermanic dirt?

Susana Mendoza has a small mention about bikes on her website.

Saw this in the Tribune today:

Mayoral Candidates Talk Transportation

Not a ton of detail and this is all that was said about bikes:

   "Candidates had broad divisions on bike lanes. Ford said they should not be a priority. “That’s the last thing we should do,” he said.

Preckwinkle, by contrast, pledged at least 100 miles of new bikeways. Mendoza also wants to expand bike lanes and bike share. Daley said he supported expansion of protected bike lanes, but said that the city needed to account for existing traffic and make sure it can keep cyclists safe."

@BikeLaneUprise has been contacting candidates and is posting their replies here:

Active Trans has posted the candidates responses to their transportation questionnaire:

Thanks for sharing this JeffB.

I appreciate that this also includes responses from Aldermanic candidates. 

So what did we decide? Of the 3 front-runners, the only one we can't directly tie to the spending behind the $139billion of debt across all of Cook County and its municipalities is Bill Daley. His brother of course is a party to it perhaps, but isn't running, and  the broader city council (Lightfoot) and the Cook County Board President (Preckwinkle) all have had a hand in those massive deficit budgets, along with the CTA operates at a $600million or so loss every year.  And as all this happening we'd continue to have to borrow infrastructure improvement money (unless from targeted state or federal grants) and then pay interest on that.  (and then have to pay for all that at the state and federal level so there's no free lunch.)

As we've mulled over elsewhere, parking tickets pull in a lot of money to offset some of the debt/loss, but Preckwinkle wanted to curtail and/or modify some of that system as well.  So, tomorrow is just round one most likely, and then there will be a run-off?

Lightfoot is NOT nor has been a member of City Council.


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