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When asking around, I heard these three candidates are some potential good bike-friendly options:




Let's use this thread to discuss, bring in articles, quotations, and proof of bike-savviness. Cool?

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I'm familiar and that's not what this is. I'm following your own logic, which is what we are arguing. You're demanding actual first hand knowledge or hard evidence before someone makes any kind of assertion or claim, right?

Curtis and V, 

What's struck me as odd is that both of you have much politically in common in how you view the world. If you were at a bar, having a pint, the two of you would be laughing as you were having this discussion. Maybe I've got it wrong and you are both enjoying this sparring competition but Curtis, you are a kind and thoughtful person. I can say the same about you, V. Ok, just wanted to throw that out there. :-)

I don't think either of you are full of BS but that's just me.

Thanks Yasmeen. I still think I'm right. I still think an analogy does not necessarily equal a strawman, and that expressing skepticism doesnt require first hand knowledge or hard evidence... and I am not one to run from a debate as you know. So yeah, happy to continue the discussion over a beer or a cocktail some day. I think people mistake my argumentative exuberance for aggression but such is the nature of forums and electronic communications.

Hahaha. Of course you think you're right. We all do. All the time. I think you both have a lot of passion about it. Not a bad thing. I am just SO glad it's the two candidates we have. We didn't need another Daley.

But you are mis-characterizing me and my point here. You are literally assigning that which I have not said or nor claimed. THAT is the nature of a Strawman.

Honestly, this is a rather silly pissing contest, and I get plenty of that action from my 17 year-old sons. This "debate" has clearly stopped being about the merits or flaws in the candidate. What more would there be to continue with over a beer? The election will likely be over by then. May the best woman win!

I agree Yasmeen. So glad it's not Daley. Scary how close he was to being in the runoff.

I think for every post here, both of you should go over the forum post about favorite songs/music to ride to and post one of your favorites there. (hehehe) :-) 

'A Plan for Equitable and Efficient Transit'

PDF > 2019/02  

"Transit is essential to Chicago's growth, attracting people and businesses to Chicago and promoting economic development."

"I hope that this initial plan to improve transit can be an important part of moving our city in the right direction - I also hope it can spark an ongoing conversation about transit." Lori Lightfoot

Please send your thoughts and ideas to,

and we will build on this plan together. 


The plan renews the city's commitment to reduce fatalities with Vision Zero.   Push for smart street designs that prioritize safety. The strategy includes incentivizing more people to walk or bike  and instituting fair traffic enforcement measures that focus on improving safety and compliance - not filling the city's budget holes! 

The safe streets strategy will include constructing more bike lanes and pedestrian infrastructure improvement projects. 

Not a mayor, but Alderwoman Sophia King isn't from what I found out on my other alter ego:


Attempted thread-jacking.

Ugh. This is worrisome. Sharing something I saw on Twitter this morning:

The schools were closed because they were underutilized and had mostly empty classrooms.

The buildings are already built and no new buildings need to be built.  Remodeling is a lot cheaper than building new.

It seems like good management to me.


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