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When asking around, I heard these three candidates are some potential good bike-friendly options:




Let's use this thread to discuss, bring in articles, quotations, and proof of bike-savviness. Cool?

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I have emailed the Lightfoot campaign a few weeks ago and had taken the opportunity to express the concerns of our community to them. I urge others here now to do the same at . I also gave them a link to this discussion and a staff member said that they would be following it. They also mentioned of campaign staff and volunteers who were avid cyclists and promised to tweet as many cycling related pics as possible. They further relayed they would try to get a pic of Lori and Vivian, 11, on their bikes if time allows. (as per my request)

"It's Time To Let the Dogs Out!" . . .

Go Vote !

 ^Chicago Tribune photo of early voting cyclist Macaire Grambauer, 34, bike gear and all. Come on in with yours today !  It will be quick to vote today because of the short list of municipal offices to choose opon. Should only take around 15 minutes tops to vote. You must vote at the precinct assigned to your home address today. Polls are open from 6am till 7pm.  

CST Election Live Blog:

Things are slow, and turnout again is low.   So . . .

At 9:15 in my precinct, I was number 39.

Hope lots of early voting.

We cyclists aren't short on passion, are we? ;-)

I love that this became a deep discussion of the candidates. 200 comments in the thread. nearly 4k views. Thanks for coming to CL and sharing your thoughts. 

Don't know about you but I'm excited to learn the results. 

Great Pic Tom.  We should know some preliminary results in 45 minutes.  Some informal exit polling shows it's going to go to Lightfoot though there can always be surprises.  

Kathleen, (she's a little shy) thank you for your many years of service and best wishes and health moving forward into retirement. You were always an inspiration for me and, I Salute You ! . . . Take Care !

WGN just called the election for Lightfoot. 


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