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When asking around, I heard these three candidates are some potential good bike-friendly options:




Let's use this thread to discuss, bring in articles, quotations, and proof of bike-savviness. Cool?

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Totally makes sense that this African-American woman -- whose father was a factory worker and janitor who died while his son (Lori's older brother) was incarcerated, and who had a family member murdered by the Ku Klux Klan back in the 1920s (which Lightfoot credits, in part, as her reason for entering public service to fight a sense of injustice) -- would intend to "lead the CPD to further terrorize communities of color!" Read that as sarcasm.

From Chalkbeat --

After the mayoral forum Wednesday, Lightfoot’s campaign sent a statement elaborating on her comments from earlier in the day, noting that she supported improved police training but opposed the training academy “because the Emanuel administration failed to appropriately engage and listen to the community in the public process ahead of the vote.” 

The statement stressed that any police training facility — in a school or otherwise — “must only be created after an intensive community engagement and input process,” and insisted that Lightfoot’s idea to repurpose closed schools for training reflected “the broader need to ensure officers can receive urgently needed training in or close to the communities where they work.”

Thank you Curtis for correcting me with background information as well as context to the discussion. I really appreciate it. Sorry for the knee-jerk initial reaction. 

No sweats, Yas.

You're listening to Curt the Jerk, your host jerk here on Knee-Jerk, every Monday evening 5-7pm at WRUW 91.1 FM Cleveland.

hahaha. on a side note, in the DC area, the sun is shining and the temperature hit 70. Nothing is going to get me down. :-)

I think your concerns are well founded. I'm seeing a distinct lack of acknowledgment from Lori that crime is a symptom of poverty. Throwing more money at the CPD is not the optimum solution IMO.

I talked with the campaigns about transportation issues, including bike infrastructure funding and the CPD's inequitable bike ticketing practices. There's also a quote from Preckwinkle about rule-breaking cyclists.

Thanks for sharing, I found it informative 

Lori Lightfoot commits to  a community engagement process for police training and facilities:

From the Sun-Times 3-12-19:

And your point being??

The acoustics in these chambers is fascinating.

Yes,  hello!  . . .Yes, he did! 

Black Chicago Has To Stop Chasing The Ghost Of Harold Washington

The spirit of Harold Washington won’t save Chicago.


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