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When asking around, I heard these three candidates are some potential good bike-friendly options:




Let's use this thread to discuss, bring in articles, quotations, and proof of bike-savviness. Cool?

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Thanks for posting Jeremy.  There's a lot in all of that!  I'd wanted to see it live but it didn't work out. Among other things, my take on it was Lightfoot=cyclist, Preckwinkle, not.

Toni is most assuredly a walker. I have personally spied her on countless occasions hiking around the neighborhood on foot. Her ex-husband was a serious runner.

Thanks for posting Jeremy and giving us the timestamp.

Not that Toni's answer was good by any stretch of the imagination but I call BS on Lori claiming she is a biker who stops at every stop sign. You're either lying and you're not a biker or you're lying and you are a biker and you do the Idaho stop like all of us.

Or you're a cager and do the Idaho stop like the rest of the cagers. :)

I call bullsh*t on the expression "I call bullsh*t." Please, folks, give it a rest. 

Furthermore, you don't KNOW this (either you're lying OR you're lying!) -- you are simply speculating without any hard evidence or first hand knowledge. That's BS.

I mean, I guess it could be Lori. Or maybe Bigfoot. Pretty blurry ass image, for what it's worth.

Thanks for policing how I'm supposed to express myself and the level of hard evidence you want me to have to make a claim. I will continue to express myself the way I do. I didnt claim to have hard evidence, I also think its intellectually lazy to act like we are completely incapable of making reasonable deductions about someone based on their own words.

Intellectually lazy -- are you being ironic?

As for policing -- you read triggered and defensive. How old are you? (to put it bluntly.) Clearly no one is stopping you or can stop you from freely speaking your mind (well, within limits in a forum such as this, as there is a moderator) -- just as I will feel free to call you on your BS. See, it works that way. You might thicken your skin if you're going to go around "calling BS", by the way.

No I'm not being ironic. If someone says they are a biker that stops at every stop sign, I think its intellectual lazy to say we cant reasonably make any judgment as to whether it's more likely or less likely that they are telling the truth. Maybe she rides the occasional bike trail, but I dont think that makes her a biker in a way that informs her about the concerns of our biking community.

You are certainly entitled to jump to unsubstantiated conclusions. And you're full of it, for what it's worth. Unsubstantiated conclusions, that is.

I suppose if I told you I dont think that was a real bigfoot in that famous 1967 video, youd say I'm full of BS too, since we dont know for a fact either way. You see the problem with your reasoning?

Speaking of mythical creatures, are you familiar with the Straw Man? Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids!


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