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When asking around, I heard these three candidates are some potential good bike-friendly options:




Let's use this thread to discuss, bring in articles, quotations, and proof of bike-savviness. Cool?

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I don't know CWB so I can't vouch either way, but here's a non-CWB post or two on the matters:

Thanks, much appreciate the (more) credible news source. That's pretty disturbing. 

Yasmeen, which part of it do you find particularly disturbing? The repeated violations, the failure of the city to send notices, or the unpaid tickets? What I don't understand is the city's position that not receiving the violation notices is not a reason for non-payment?!? I actually find Preckwinkle's explanation understandable.

By the way, Lori (and her partner) have racked up a substantial amount of vehicle tix. From the Sun-Time, 5/30/2018 --

"Lightfoot and her domestic partner Amy Eshleman own two vehicles — a 2014 Toyota Highlander and a 2006 Mini Cooper — and have paid up for 32 tickets. Nearly half of those were for parking violations.

Since the start of 2013, city cameras captured the couple’s Toyota speeding 11 or more miles an hour over the posted limit six times, and the Mini Cooper was cited for one speed-camera violations. The couple also paid fines for eight red-light-camera tickets on their two cars in five years."

Ok, so both candidates speed and run through red lights. And so did the mayor. What do I find disturbing? All of it. The reason these are laws is for safety. Running through red lights and speeding can result in the death of a pedestrian or cyclist. That's my problem with it. Just because they all do it, doesn't mean I'm good with any of them doing it. I don't really buy "security" as a reason for running a red light. It seems a bit of a stretch to me. Can everyone use that as an excuse?

I know, this IS Chi-raq, but the "security" excuse seems like a stretch limo.

But in the cases of Emmanuel and Preckwinkle, it is their staff that is doing the actually driving, as I am led to understand. In the case of Toni, making your drivers/security pay their own tickets is demanding some responsibility. Should she just flat out fire these individuals? Three strikes and you're out, or at least reassigned, makes sense. 

Don't know. Agreed - there is some responsibility with the way Toni handles it. 

Not sure why it has to be them being fired. I'd wish they would be advised following the laws is expected as part of their job. I partly wonder if they are put in a position where they are told to go fast and maybe sent the wrong directive/message? Hard to say what's going on here. Just really don't like when laws aren't respected without a good reason for doing so when it comes at the cost of putting more vulnerable users of the roads at risk. 

I find it hard to believe that Prekwinkle can sit in the back seat of an automobile and not realize that it is speeding or running lights. If the driver is breaking the law all she has to do is tell him\her to slow down or stop, to follow the law. Responsibility on her part means directing the drivers to drive responsibly, not having them pay fines when they don't.

Not only is that sexist, it could be perceived as racist all in a lame attempt at humor. If they were talking to a man, just replace "girl" with "boy" and see how that feels. Not good.

I'm sure you meant Roy, boy.

That's the response that I'm familiar with.

Chicago "Jobs for Justice" organization asked the candidates to answer questions about transit in Chicago.  Attached are the responses they got.



Thank you for sharing these links.

I'm not sure I buy all this "it wasn't her - it was her staff..." excuse-making regarding Preckwinkle and road manners.  I don't see folks clamoring for the whole back story about the cars we see in the "What's this doing in the bike lane..." thread elsewhere on the site.  Are those incidents someone's staff?  Someone taking their mom to a doctor's appointment?  All the same invective and criticism is due here.  Besides, if this is what Preckwinkle's staff(?) do in vehicles at intersections or elsewhere, then why do we want her appointing more staff to the city?  No thank you...   

Yes, more invective, outrage, and self-righteousness is in order -- because they are in such short supply nowadays, especially on social media and the inter-webs. Meanwhile, the ice caps are melting. But let's rearrange the deck chairs.


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