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It's coming up on that time a year again!  May Critical Mass!  I aka Ms. Red lead the May Critical Mass last year with the help of some amazing individuals back to The Kedzie Stop; an old warehouse building turned artists studios, for a after mass dance party!  And I would love to do it again this year!  With experience under my belt and more people to help keep the mass together, I would love to get things started with ideas & comments on how to make it even better than last year.

**Attempting to go with last years idea of a spring parade/costume ride

**Talks about a musical performance as well in the back alley

Please share your thoughts & ideas and lend any help you can!

Ciao a tutti!!

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Think of it as batting practice....

dan brown said:

isn't this flame-bait ? (sorry just now jumping in)

So, how was the Critical Mass ?

Oh, none of us actually go on that ride.  We just debate it on here for fun.
We all have an inner Beast... said:

So, how was the Critical Mass ?


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