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"The victim was riding in the 1200-block of N. Clybourn Ave. about 12:45am when he noticed a pain in his leg and notified pollice."

It is not known if he was shot by someone in a car or on foot. He is now in stable condition at Northwestern Hospital.

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I say this out of curiosity, not out of a desire to nit-pick....but isn't the Diversey/Clybourn area one of the areas in Chicago that has changed the most since "many years back"?

This incident occurred at Clybourn and Division. What's your point regarding this topic?

Typo. I meant Division, not Diversey.

What "ghetto" are you referring to? Again, not being snarky. I was not aware there was any reason to be more cautious around there than anywhere else in the area.

There maybe is or there maybe isn't, just like lots of spaces in any city in the country. What these gentlemen may be referring to is the remnants of the old Cabrini Green housing projects. 

Also can we not use that word around here? It's super obnoxious and frankly, given how the City + private developers + CHA incompetence hacked up and displaced lots of people, it's even crummier. Things HAVE changed a lot and if you don't want to ride there, then don't. The completely inflated housing prices may indicate you lack some perspective

Yes, it is obnoxious. That being said, the area around the remnants of Cabrini Green can get dicey at night. Also - the area around Sedgwick and Evergreen/Marshall Field Garden Apartments. There's a reason why police are frequently assigned to monitor that location at night. The shooting described in this story is not a rare thing.

Thanks Anne--this is the information I was curious to learn.

It's worth keeping your eyes and ears open on the streets around this apartment complex, and near the Sedgwick brown line station, especially late at night. 

I agree that mass displacement from closed projects and general CHA incompetence has caused a LOT of problems. This affects many neighborhoods across the city.

I think I'm now remembering that someone told me that the zip code containing the Sedgwick Brown Line stop has the largest income diversity in the city. Not sure how that's measured though.

Thanks Caiken, I broadly agree.

i prefer the term "hard-scrabble." Never liked the term "ghetto" beyond reference to 1940's Warsaw.


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