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Looking for 2 volunteers for Albany Park Bike Tour this Saturday.

Payment: gratitude, water bottles, some post-ride beers at a local watering hole perhaps?

Task: I need a SCOOP and a SWEEP for the ride this saturday. You can see the details of the ride, including links to the start and the route here:

You can see a virtual ride with photos and notes of the buildings we see in order on the tour right here:

The two roles are as follows:

The SWEEP is the last rider. We are a no drop ride so the SWEEP is always the last around. If there is a problem, we will spot it quickly and get back to the SWEEP who will be with anyone that busts a tire, takes a spill, misses a light, etc. This is a fairly low-stress positions compared to:

The SCOOP, which on the other hand demands a more experienced and flexible rider. The SCOOP starts with the LEADER from each stop. When the group comes to a major intersection or turn, the SCOOP pulls to the right and makes sure everyone gets through, waiting until they make eye contact with the SWEEP and ensures all is well before riding back up to the LEADER. It requires a rider strong enough to comfortably race back to the front after getting to the rear, and to do so while passing safely for 16 miles of riding. On the other hand, you get plenty of rest waiting for the SWEEP to get back to you.

It's actually the fun spot. For the right rider.

In general, this has always been the easiest way to run a ride, but the hardest to organize on the spot, though we always have a volunteer to sweep.

Please call me at 773-255-6347 or write me at if you are interested. thanks very much - Lee Diamond

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We shall be passing many times then, BK. (I called Lee about 15 minutes after he posted.)

BK said:
I’ll sweep for Albany Park. I’m not fast enough to scoop. I also sent you an email, Lee.


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