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From my FB feed. I came across this. I got footage that the cops need when they ask me for it. 

It was an ugly sight. The victim was face down unconscious when I got there. I see him regularly on my long rides. 

Please be careful out there. 

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There's a lot going on with groups of young people along the lakefront. They were recently pushing cyclists and pedestrians into the lake just for fun. Posted elsewhere. Beware and heads up !

This seems to be occurring more on the weekends.

Pic doesn't show ambulance and fire truck to the right, and police arriving on the left. The poor victim had a broken nose, twisted glasses, scrapes on knees. When I arrived, his feet were on top of the front wheel as he was face down. He was totally unconscious. When he came to, a lady told him not to move but he did anyway. The lady in the pic with the white helmet said she was a physical therapist. She helped him by holding his head in place. Someone asked him what day it was and he didn't know. He asked where his bike was, and I told him I had moved it out of the way.

Then I asked what happened… three or four teenage girls thought it was funny to throw a backpack at cyclists. They succeeded in knocking this man out.

I hope they get caught. I hope they get polio and I hope something similar happens to them.

The victim was riding an e-bike fat bike (electric assist bike), and I have seen him many times before on the Lake Front Trail.

I hope he has a good recovery. He looked like he was in his early 50’s.

WTF? Second guessing my plans to ride down to Bluesfest...

Hopefully this will make the evening news - that seems to be the trigger that makes Rahm take notice.

Thank you for helping out pinkpajamas Ernesto !


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