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This morning, there was car debris all over both LFP lanes and a police car blocking one of the LFP lanes between Diversey and Belmont. There had been a serious wreck in which a car had gone off LSD, swiped a tree and went across both paths. The path had been damaged. I didn't see the wreck and the car had been moved to Belmont Harbor by the time I came across the site but I hope the driver and nobody on the path was seriously injured. Judging from the condition of the car, I would guess the driver wasn't so lucky. It did leave me thinking about all of the stretches of LSD without guardrails, though, as this wreck occurred in such a stretch. Given the amount of traffic on the LFP, doesn't it make sense to ensure that there is a protective barrier in almost all areas?

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Hi John, thanks for this comment and sorry that i didn’t spot it sooner. Yes i was refering to the number of women featured in the images and i’m glad to know your rationale. Personally i feel there’s a fine line between representation and exploitation, with the camera angle having a lot to do with it, especially where women on bicycles in the summer are concerned. But “eye of the beholder” and i really am glad that we have a fully-fledged SB entry in Chicago.

OK thanks. Again, I didn't take that particular shot, but I used it because it's one of the most dramatic photos of a Lakefront Trail crash that I've seen. I'm guessing that if you go back and look at photos of female cyclists that I and other Streetsblog reporters have shot, you won't find anything problematic. 

Thanks to John Greenfield for the follow up article on Streetsblog.

Nice!! A+. Nice follow-up by Mr. Greenfield. Glad to hear nobody on the path was injured and that the driver was cited (DWI, negligent driving, operating a motor vehicle without insurance). It would really suck to be hit by a drunk, insurance-less driver while riding or walking on the path.

Another car was driven through guardrails...observed this morning 11/30 around 8:30a. Just south of Addison towards the north end of Belmont Harbor. The wrecked car was parked a little further north.

I drove past there yesterday to the cyclocross race at Montrose. There's still a car wheel there. 


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