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Hello All, I recently was in a crash with a car (see the "What's this doing in the bike lane?" Thread) where the driver failed to yield right in front of me and I got tossed into the windshield and then over the hood.  The police report states that the accident was due to failure to yield, although I am not sure if the driver was actually given a ticket. Luckily, I ended up having fairly minor injuries considering the circumstances, but I am concerned I am going to get hit with a large medical bill for my ambulance ride and ER visit, plus damages to my bike and helmet.

The insurance company listed on the police report doesn't insure cars outside of IL and refuses to even look up the policy number listed, so either the driver doesn't have their insurance/registration set up correctly or the cop wrote the wrong thing down (along with the errors in my name and birth date).  The driver is not returning my calls and my health insurance says I have to file a claim myself with their auto insurance before they will do anything about it.  I don't have car insurance, but I do have motorcycle insurance. 

So far it seems like I will need a lawyer for this one.  Does anyone have a recomendation of the local bike lawyers? Or ones to stay away from? Also, do you think motorcycle insurance would help with any of this? Thanks!

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hey! have you called the crash support hotline by any chance? can be useful. 

Definitely call an attorney! Mike Keating at Keating Law is an avid supporter of the community ( as is FK Law. Active Trans will also have other attorneys, although these are the two who definitely show up! 

I am so sorry this happened to you! I just got hit by a car on Wednesday and it's the G-D worst, including the pinche CPD. Good lord. But you CAN get help with this! And heal well.

Caiken +1

Never been hit be a car (touch wood), but good for you for pursuing this to the full extent that you can.  Yes!   Hire a 'pit bull' attorney that will continue this case for years, looking for settlement with full reimbursement of attorneys' fees.  Don't lay out your own money; pay no 'retainer.'  Make that careless driver's life a living nightmare.  Hire someone who will be confident of a lucrative settlement, and happy to have the opportunity.  Good luck!

For those that don't want to page through all 118 pages of that thread, here's sleutho's post:

Hey that was me that hit the car.  I ended up ok, bruised and sore, but no broken bones or internal injuries.  The driver cut across the bike lane from behind stopped traffic right when I was going by. The light had just turned green, so I was cruising at a pretty good pace to make it through the light, and he just gunned it across to get to Walgreens.  He didn't stick the nose of the car out or anything as a warning, just tried to shoot across.  I hit the front of the car, then the windshield and landed on the other side.

Big thanks to everyone who stopped to help and gave me contact info. And also for keeping me calm.  I wasn't in a great mood after that, so hopefully I didn't come across as an ass when I started yelling at the guy. Overall I was pretty lucky, my bike wasn't even too messed up other than the rear wheel. Now just hoping insurance pulls through for me.

Thanks again and ride safe!

I just retained Keating Law Offices PC, 111 W. Washington.  312.239.6787.

Check out their website. They take on a lot of bike cases and are really great to work with.

Yes, Mike Keating would be a wise choice as an attorney.

I second Freeman Kevenides Law Firm, LLC.

Jim gave a talk about bicycle laws last summer, and he was very knowledgeable and very much on the biker's side.

James Freeman

Freeman Kevenides Law Firm, LLC

120 S State Street Suite 200 Chicago IL

Freeman Kevenides law firm


I used Freeman Kevenides when someone turned left in front of me causing a crash in May 2015 - they were wonderful to work with.

Sorry to hear you were in a crash, and I hope you're OK now. 

I've had excellent service and excellent results with Jeffrey Friedman (; 312-357-1431, 120 S. State St.). Jeffrey was attentive, helpful and easy to work with. (And he's a cyclist.)

Best regards, Greg

Thanks everyone for the in touch with Freeman Kevenides so hopefully I can get everything figured out!


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