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This is the last day of REI's 5 day garage sale. Today only you can take 50% off the sale price on Garage Sale items! Items are as-is and selection is limited to whatever is on hand. Stop by today and check it out!



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Which REI location is having this 5-day garage sale?  I thought all the Chicago-area REI Garage sales happened a couple of months ago.

and before we trek all the way up there (whine whine) any idea what kind of selection is still available ?

All 4 Chicagoland Stores are part of the sale. You can stop by any of them for Garage Sale merchandise. Selection will vary store to store.

Dan - I cant speak to specifics, each store keeps their own stock of Garage Sale mechandise. But all of the stores have set aside mechandise for today...When it's gone it's gone!

I wish I knew about the garage sales earlier in the week when I had a little free time :( 

Sorry Liz! - we will be having other Garage sales in the near future. Next on the Calendar is at the Northbrook Store on Dec. 30th.



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