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Short video of water lapping on trail without any wind.

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Yeah, it's like almost any other large natural resource... horribly managed.

I recall a lot of the drama had to do with the dredging of the St Clair River, which seems very unstable in its outflows due to continued erosion and/or sedimentation.

One of the main organizations is the International Joint Commission ( but the Lakes' larger political history is like any other sordid story, involving abuses of property rights and commons, some states deciding to dump some fish here, others there, etc.

It's appalling how much I've forgotten since I read the book. Oh well.

It is a mistake to look at the past to determine what is happening today...and what we can expect in the future.  Thanks to Mankind, IT'S A WHOLE NEW BALL GAME!

This article about the Jet Stream was written nine months ago...before scorching European droughts and record-setting rains in the Midwest occurred this Spring. 

You see, the clouds of CO2 rising up from our expressways, factories and cities are creating a massive 'greenhouse' blanket.   And like the Roach Motel, heat from the sun can come in...BUT IT CAN'T GET OUT!  And the delicate balance of wind and tides around the world is being UNBALANCED by this new heat...and it is changing the way the Jet Stream delivers our climate.

So we can expect MORE EXTREME WEATHER this year, next year, and for the rest of our lives, as the Jet Stream slows and stalls, allowing extreme heat, rain, and polar vortexes to linger longer and longer in one place.

We ain't seen nothing yet Folks; everything's going to change BIG TIME!



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