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Hey guys,


I've been fostering some adorable guys from Treehouse Humane Society (awesome cagefree cat shelter in edgewater and bucktown).


The cats are now ready for forever homes and since Chainlinkers have helped in finding homes for pets that need them (see here and here as examples) I thought I'd share their pictures and stories with everyone.


They are all:

- Super dog and cat friendly (see pics below)

- Love playing with lasers and feather toys

- They are shy around new people but will completely opened up once they get to know you

- Have been neutered, fully vaccinated, microchipped and are parasite free, FIV and FeLV Negative


Belmont has the white mittens.  He's the friendliest and most cuddly

Roscoe is the long haired and is the most talented (see videos)

Addison is cuddly with his brothers and another other younger foster


I believe they will be fine being adopted together or separately since they are cuddly with each other but aren't totally attached to each other like some cats are.




The cats can play dead!


If you want to meet them, let me know and shoot me a PM and we'll schedule a time for you to come by.  


The Treehouse adoption fee is $85.

For information on adopting them, please call Liz at773 798 9250 or email

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Is there an adoption fee? If so, how much?

Hi Dovah Cat,
There is an adoption fee, but I dont know what it is.
I'm checking with Liz over at Treehouse right now and I'll update the post as soon as I know. Thanks!

Great! Very interested. Thanks! 

(thought the answer to my question should be public for other interested folks, I'll e-mail Liz if the fee is reasonable - it probably is, and Treehouse DEFINITELY deserves the $, they're a great group!) 

Yes it should be and thanks for bringing it up. I meant to have the the adoption fee in the op but havent heard back from Liz yet. I'll put it up as soon as I find out.
I've updated the op with the adoption fee of $85, their age of about 11 mos., and I forgot to mention that they are shy around new people but they open up once they get to know you.

omg paul - is that (awesome) dog a norweigian elkhound ?  he looks like TYRONE !!!

Hi Dan,
Nope, that's Buster. He's an english mastiff that loves using kitties as a head rest.



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