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Kickstarter project - Torch bike helmet for $50 anyone want one?

This lighted helmet is on Kickstarter right now. I was going to pledge $500 dollars and I would get 10 helmets. Would anybody be interested in a helmet. Read about it and let me know if you are interested. Thanks

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Yeah, that is awesome!!!!  I can help with the pledge too if we get some folks committed (and paid).

That's not a bad price for a normal helmet, and this one is ridiculous, so yeah.

I absolutely want one of these and am good for $50. Do they mention sizing at all? Small head syndrome over here.

I'm a bit worried that this helmet will be ill-balanced, heavy, hot, AND absurd.

That said, if there is some assurance that you'll be able to select sizes of the 10 helmets you receive---I also have a peanut head---you've got my $50 + any applicable tax.  Your Chainlink friendship has been requested so you can hit me up for the $.

Count me in!  Small head here as well.  I'll take a Red in small please.  I do believe this helmet will be hot, it seem it doesn't have enough holes for air flow - BUT, I'm IN!

I have a big melon.  I never get to play in any reindeer games.

me too.

Chris C said:

I have a big melon.  I never get to play in any reindeer games.

I'm in too. 

Sign me up for one too please!

Let me give a quick update.They have to meet the funding goal of 45,000 to get funded. They are at about 18,350 right now.They have until Tuesday May 29. It said that the helmets will be out in October if they get funded.

Just a few more update about the product and goal.  :)


"If we don't raise the $45,000 by 3:51 on March 29th we will not receive any funding through Kickstarter and no one will be charged for their order.

We will not scrap the project however, we will continue to seek funding through other avenues as this project is far too important to me and the positive feedback we have received since launching on Kickstarter has only reinforced that to us here at Torch.

Here's some answers for you...

1. We have and still are considering a brim for the helmet. We have decided to leave it out for now simply because it adds more tooling and budgets are very tight trying to launch this. We will most likely add it to our website later as an add on or accessory that can be added to an existing helmet.

2. Since the LEDs will be behind a lens and set back over an inch from the lens they will be plenty protected. The batteries will be in a closed battery box tucked into the EPS foam from the inside of the helmet and covered with padding so they will be plenty protected as well.

3. We haven't done a complete distance test as the lights are visible from several blocks away in city light surroundings we never figured it was worth giving it a number, but maybe we will do this with the production model.

4. The lights will have several blinking functions, one of which is what is commonly referred to as a "chase" sequence. The LEDs will essentially blink in sequence."

Thank you so much for your support

Nathan Wills


looks very in!



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