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I have been urging friends to consider not retaining Judge Paula Marie Daleo (punch 252 (on my ballot)) this election. Since 2010, she's levied extremely light sentences to drunk or distracted drivers who, in three cases, have killed people, and a fourth where a distracted driver hit a pedestrian and broke multiple bones. Unless I'm missing something here, I ask that you to join me by voting no on Judge Paula Marie Daleo, and demand our judges do more to keep our streets safe. Thank you.

-Joel Mendoza receives two years probation, $819 fine in the death of Jeffrey Schultz
-Magali Padilla receives two years probation, 12 days time served, $2489 in fines and costs in death of Cesar Ramirez
-Jamie O’Malley receives two years probation, 300 hours community service in death of Marcial Marias-Quevedo
-Margaret Mary Vivanco receives $200 fine for breaking multiple bones of David Paradiso

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NO (252) Paula Marie Daleo

"Shall - - - - be retained in office as Judge of the Circuit Court Cook County Judicial Circuit?"

Listed on your ballot under; Judicial Retention Circuit Court.

A margin of over 40% of NO votes from all voters is needed to remove a judge.

Vote No for Judge Paula Marie Daleo. NO (252)

Remember it's 40% of ALL voters, so if you don't vote it's the same thing as a YES vote to retain the judge. 

That's why so many, if not all of the judges are retain: few bother to vote on the issues.

Oh yes, elections are complicated.

To win a judicial retention election in Illinois, a candidate must receive 60% of ALL votes cast in their election in order to (win) be retained. It is not required that you must vote for any or all judges. A non-vote in the judicial elections is NOT counted as a YES vote.

In the Safe Roads Amendment to the Constitution it IS the (approval) percentage of ALL voters that participate in the statewide election. So a non-vote here ends up counting as a NO vote.

Despite the complications, please exercise your right to vote in all elections.

So, which is it?? ALL voters or all voters in the judicial election? Does abstaining mean YES or NO? What you and Bob claim differ. From where I stand, the water is just muddier. What's the value of "exercising" one's right to vote when one doesn't understand the full implications (as in the so-called Safe Roads Admentment) or is not at all familiar with the vast majority of candidates as in the case of the litany of judges and the Potemkin exercise of various bar associations "qualifying" candidates.

Personal note -- I am looking forward to boning up on the various candidates running for Metropolitan Water Reclamation Board!  

Illinois Constitution, Article 6, Section 12(d)


The affirmative vote of three-fifths of the electors voting on the question shall elect the Judge to the office for a term commencing on the first Monday in December following his election.

In the judicial retention election, it is decided by ALL votes that are cast. To win, and be retained a judge must have attained a winning margin of 60% of all votes cast for them and not a 50% + 1 majority vote like in a typical election, like in a aldermanic race where you can win by one vote. I think it was back in 1990 when a judge was defeated. It's not easy to do. Most voters just pick names they like on the 'long' ballot when it includes the judges and are not determined enough to vote NO and just want to get out of the polling place and get on with their lives. That's why judge's are in for the long haul. It is frustrating and in need of reform.
Vote NO (252) to not retain Judge Paula Daleo. You must submit your vote for a No vote for a judge.

With the Safe Roads Amendment to the Illinois Constitution, you are asked by the pro-amendment (YES) lobby to not ignore the amendment because they need your yes vote to achieve a 60% approval margin. Vote NO regardless to assert that your voice is heard.

Thanks for the research.

NO (252) Paula Marie Daleo.



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