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Any fans here? I'm not getting it... would appreciate an attempt to explain the appeal.

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What are you not getting?  My Morning Jacket?  Or his new solo album?  I would never try to explain why music is appealing to an individual.  Maybe you should just keep Beyonce radio on your Pandora?  Just kidding.

I totally 'get' that about individual taste- tried to be careful with my wording.

I grew up with a bunch of bands that MMJ seems to channel, so I should like them...

JJ was on Jimmy Fallon last night with the Roots and a bombastic marching band type backup, and I should have found it really exciting....

NYC are you saying you are excited by MMJ/JJ?

OK, I get it now. It's like I joined The Who's career right after Who Are You and never had any exposure to anything earlier.

Oops.  I've been baited by a negasaurus.  They should be extinct.  G'night.

Huh? No, that link was helpful.  I seem to have become aware of them after the 'fire' went out.  My exposure has been what they play on the radio, and watching most of a few recent live performances at the big festivals via webcast.

My bad.  I took your comment as sarcasm.  Just my New York cynicism leaking out again.  As for what you had been probably hearing from them more recently is very different than their southern rock sound they started with.

What is your take on Band of Horses? 



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