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It's great that the 606 has security in the evening hours now, but what's going on here?

Are they stopping him for going too fast or disorderly conduct or what?

It's ironic that last year we were concerned about crime on the 6O6 from groups of hoodlums in the evenings.
Now we are concerned about the inappropriate actions from the hired security on the 6O6 in the evenings. Sigh!

I still question whether the park district has a working video surveillance system on the 6O6. NBC5 Chicago reported last year that the system was inactive. "There are surveillance cameras at each entry point to the raised trail but no surveillance photos are ever released." From a Tribune story on 7-23-17.

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That's the dude. Of course, Jason Lee would more likely have been skate-boarding. Then again, there IS that episode, "Our COPS is on!", where Earl flees the police on a bmx.

Park District Hot Garbage.

If and when I get stranded on the 606 I walk my bike. I don't expect nor require park district intervention. It's not the gobi desert, and I'm a grown ass man. And if they did give me a ride I wouldn't expect them to zoom down the 606 when they could've pulled off at the nearest exit. I also wouldn't lunge my arms out of a fast moving vehicle at fast moving bike traffic. 


I also suspect that the Park District doesn't normally act like a taxi service and wouldn't do so at the average taxpayer's behest. More likely he was giving an unauthorized joy ride to a buddy.

The abc7Chicago news report does not mention the name of the park district spokesperson in this news story.
It would be great if the official from the park district could also come forward and explain their version of the story.

I wish the video went on for another few minutes, to see what the remaining interaction was.

Okay, fair enough. Brian B., if you would like to show us the longer version of this incident, please do.

Oh, please do. I don't have enough bullsh*t competing for my limited attention span. Seriously, was somebody SHOT 16 times?? Otherwise, at this point, who bloody really cares?! Was there a human rights violation? Was somebody actually hurt??

What this clip really demonstrates is that body cams will NEVER capture an entire narrative. "Just one more reverse angle in HD slo-mo, with Dolby surround sound."

I'm guessing Brian B.has had enough of this also, and has no other pertinent information to share. There is nothing to see of him retreating in fear for his safety and there is no contact when he first came upon the security pickup truck.
If those involved have nothing further to add within 24 hours, this discussion post will be closed.
I urge all users of the 6O6 to monitor security and safety concerns in the future when on the trail.



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