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It's great that the 606 has security in the evening hours now, but what's going on here?

Are they stopping him for going too fast or disorderly conduct or what?

It's ironic that last year we were concerned about crime on the 6O6 from groups of hoodlums in the evenings.
Now we are concerned about the inappropriate actions from the hired security on the 6O6 in the evenings. Sigh!

I still question whether the park district has a working video surveillance system on the 6O6. NBC5 Chicago reported last year that the system was inactive. "There are surveillance cameras at each entry point to the raised trail but no surveillance photos are ever released." From a Tribune story on 7-23-17.

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Having an SUV on the 606 seems unsafe and also something that will cause the pavement to crack earlier than otherwise?

There's always some sort of service vehicle up there, usually the golf cart type, but I think that the surface is durable enough.
Has anyone else seen this security vehicle in action?

I've seen enough from the video to say that they should be immediately fired.

Golf carts seem way more appropriate, size-wize.

And way more comical in any kind of pursuit situation! How 'bout pogo stick patrols??

is it too much to have cops/security on bikes??!! is that a crazy thought?

Too cold and too hard to keep pedaling all night for that paycheck.


E-Bikes for Police and Security officers is probably best for the 6O6.

Yeah, that would make a lot of sense.
The more powerful E-bikes (throttle-type) would be most appropriate for security patrols on the 6O6.


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