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So, whats the hubbub? Performance Bikes is filing chapter 11. Paper work is still being processed at the moment, but keep an eye on the store fronts. Huge liquidation sales are coming soon. 40 stores nation wide are going to be closed, and loads of people are going to be out of a job...including this poster... I know not all are fans considering the shortcomings of Performance, but if your in need of an item check them out. Sales are on in store items only, they cant order anything that isnt already in the shop, vendors are putting a lock on the orders until further notice.

C Dub...previously of Performance Bikes

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Oh man. Sorry to hear it. :-( Really sorry to hear. I hate when bike shops go out of business. I'm sorry CDub!

Sorry about your job!

Were the new tariffs a nail in Performance's coffin? Will Nashbar also go down the tubes?

I’m just a hired hand, good with wrenches large and small, don’t know about Nashbar. It’s the parent company ASE that’s filing. We were a recent aquistion before the summer season really took off. If Nashbar is ASE as well, they may be another head on the block. I was “f”unemployed for the winter months anyway, finding a new “family” is gonna be another slog what with barking orders and head games for bs machismo as a mechanic especially in this burg...ah well. Once more into the breach my friends!



Good luck, C Dub.  Hope you find a good job soon.

Thanks for the info, but it's really heartbreaking to hear about one of my favorite go to stops closing their doors. Sorry to hear about your work situation.



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