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,,,just confessing my sins since i couldn't post on I RODE TODAY post,,,,,

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+1 !!!

Lisa Curcio said:

so we need a laundry support group, and a coffee support group, and an alarm clock support group, and an "early to bed" support group, and a shop to have food in the house support group, and a . . . .

excuses only sound valid to those makein em' so i promise to ride more!

Tomorrow is another day. 

I will lay out the layers this evening and might even dig into the box of handwarmers in the morning.

By mile two the heart will be pumping and the soul will be refreshed.

Don't forget to set your alarm.



This is almost always the determining factor of me riding to work.

Sometimes I'd come home too inebriated tired and be too lazy to lay out my next day's outfit and thus panic in the morning and just say: "Heck with it, I'm taking pt today."

David Barish said:

I will lay out the layers this evening.... 

A year ago--heck, nine months ago--I could not have understood missing riding the bike.  I will confess in advance that I am going to drive on Friday because after work I have to leave straight from downtown to go to the suburbs.  I am dreading it!  Silver lining, though, is that I want to bring some work clothes down and take some others home.  It will be easier to bring a bunch of stuff that I otherwise would bring one or two pieces at a time on the bike.

Just say BIKE!

you do learn to take advantage of driving in days. to haul back stuff from work you normally can't stuff in the back of your bike bags.

I should have posted here....I only drove because I have the plague.



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