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Nice first ride in the COLD.


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$500 reward : My specialized hybrid mountain bike. Was stolen off the bike rack while I was in CVS on Ogden & Chicago between 4:45&4:50p on Thursday June 14th. My bike was locked up and this happened in a matter of minutes. The pedals are medal & the right handlebar has some damage to it. This bike is special & means a lot - please let me know if you have any clues - thanks

So last Sunday I went to the Maxwell Street market to look for my stolen bike (see picture) and I saw several other nice bikes that I know for a fact were stolen as well. I took pictures and wrote down the serial # and then looked up the bikes on Stolen Bike Registry, and have now helped 2 owners who's bikes were stolen (1 in 2014 & 1 in 2016) know where their bikes will be this Sunday. They have coordinated w. the Market and which vendor and how to get their bikes back. I only hope that someone would do the same and help me find my bike!



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