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Nice first ride in the COLD.


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I'm hoping the Saskatchewan Screamer provides a nice tail wind for the ride home today.

My ride home sucked. Forgot my clip on SpeedEZ fenders this morning, therefore I arrived home cold and soaked. Meh.

Rather pleasant both ways.

Another pleasant ride to today especially for February

  This mornings dry and painless. Tonight I came home on on the LFP north From Fullerton to Foster

  some rain and east wind all was good.

As of 7:30 pm 35 degrees not sure it will get cold enough in the city tonight for any significant snow accumulation. We will see :)


Piece of cake coming an going.  Did get a first flat with the Schwalbe Marathons.  My fault of course.

Must be OCD with tire pressure.  Filled'em or over filled, drove to work.  Bike comes inside where it's warm.  Four hours later tube bursts.  Whoops!  Nice place and conditions for a commuter to change a tube.  Warm well lit had the proper tools.  Let's all sleep tight and find out about the precipitation situation in the morning.  Cause as of 8:30 P.M. nothings going on out dare.   

Do this:

Go to Google.

Enter "chainlink I rode today."

Quickly click the link to this thread.

Tell me what happens . . .

11:20 and still too warm for snow. wind at my back the entire way home though.

I just came back from a short 5 mile ride in the snow/slush... my cross bike with fenders is in the shop and I was stuck on my MTB. I forgot how much fun riding in the snow is, until I was on my way home and all the cars were out

Well, if I skip past the obvious advertisement for chainlink fencing, and I've included the quotation marks and period (which makes the search hyper-specific), I get led back to your post right here, which seems reasonable. If I delete the quotation marks and period, I'm led to the first page of this thread, which again seems like a reasonable result.  What unusual results are you getting, h', if I'm interpreting your query correctly?
h' said:

Do this:

Go to Google.

Enter "chainlink I rode today."

Quickly click the link to this thread.

Tell me what happens . . .

This, so it looks like system came and went.  I'm a M-F'er, I am.  

Well for a system that came and went, a lot of snow is falling. :)

It can be ridden on though, if anyone is on the fence. I got to the office intact, but wet.

Wear eye protection. Next time I ride this kind of snow I'll be bringing an extra pair of shoes - or riding in boots or something. My jeans are also pretty wet, so it might be prudent to wear rain pants, but it is fairly warm, so that could get sweaty.  Southsiders prepare for a headwind!



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