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PLEASE note... I did not rig this... My anchors are rappel worthy!


My policy, when feasible, is to sit near, or in view of my bike. This is not always possible. Things happen! One time? Someone unleashed my bike and left it sitting, on kickstand only,  in front of the accessible bathroom... in the middle of the aisle... while the train barreled along!!! Jah knows how long it was like that before I noticed! In the station, I have had conductors tell me to ride on the platform so as not to delay the train! I had one conductor, as I fiddled with bungee and the stout anchors at the base of the seats, tell me to just lean my bike against the seats, that's all.... It'll be fine! Wow!


This time? Unbeknownst to me...the conductor moved my bike and used my bungee to "fasten" another ride... On the emergency window release!!.. as you see here:


Pretty Sweet huh?.. Hope he gets to be an Engineer someday.

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maybe i kvetch too much....


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