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My rear derailleur will freeze below 30 degrees. I thought it was the cables that were the problem until I tried to move the derailleur back and forth to get it in a better gfear. It would not budge. Anyone know how to fix this?

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mike w. - Stop encouraging my expanding waistline... :-)

Speaking of Frozen...

The Zipper(s) on my bag,jacket were freezing during the recent snow,I go in and out of warmth and cold so the freeze and thaw is the problem but I don't want to put Oil or WD 40 on my clothes or bag.


try wax or parrafin

I've used baby oil on my coat zipper.
Get a 'Q tip'.
Apply a few drops at a time in the palm of one hand.
Have the 'Q tip' absorb the drops. (Not drenched just lightly moistened)
Apply only to the backside of zipper/or turn your zipped coat inside out and apply.
Brush the lightly moistened 'Q tip' in a painting motion along the zippers length.
Work the coating into zipper by opening and closing it. (Clean/dry hands)
If you use too much baby oil you will stain the material.
Occasionally treat and reapply during subsequent polar vortex blasts and blizzards! . . .

Thanks, all. I splashed it with alcohol last night and will check it tonight. If I need to, I will try aggressively spraying with WD40. I have an already-scheduled appointment with my bike shop for the 18th, so if my attempts fail, they can tackle it. 'Tis always nice to get advice from my fellow Chainlinkers. So helpful.

Did you use any alcohol on yourself, and if so did you notice any effects?

Applying to the bike and me made one of us feel a lot better. 

You're welcome Gene ! Whatever gear you're in, . . . 'Just keep on Pedaling!' :-)

Wax and or baby oil. I spose in a quick hack I could use chap stick.

Thanks guys.


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