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How many other cyclists did you see on your commute this morning?

I'll start: 1.

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Not a single one stopped for a red light. Sometimes I feel really dorkish and I do roll through stop signs.

Counted 40 this morning between 55th and Museum Campus on LFT.

Yesterday morning I only saw 1.  In late October-early November it was at about 19.  January 3 I saw 7.  Yesterday morning was a bit cold, but clear.  Saw about four riding through the rain on the way home.  

First commute of the year today...I've got a leg injury, so I was riding a little slower than normal. Saw a total of three others on their bicycles today. As it turns out, everyone was a little slow this morning.



3 this morning...



One. Same dude every time. In a parka with a hood lol.

Surprisingly I don't see many cyclists on my daily commute on Clark outside of the River North area...

You came close to seeing me - but after I saw how the wind was supposed to be, I chickened out!


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