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How many other cyclists did you see on your commute this morning?

I'll start: 1.

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If that was in the morning, it was probably those of us who were riding Le Tour de Shore.  We left from Millenium Park and rode down the LFT with the first day ending in Chesterton, Indiana.  It was a really long commute!

Thanks for the info!  I knew it had to be something unusual, and more than just Bike Week. my morning commute down the LFT was surprisingly...isolated. Very few cyclists out. I was surprised. It was a perfect time to ride the trail: not too hot, not too sun-glaring...

Not a single one stopped for a red light. Sometimes I feel really dorkish and I do roll through stop signs.

Counted 40 this morning between 55th and Museum Campus on LFT.

Yesterday morning I only saw 1.  In late October-early November it was at about 19.  January 3 I saw 7.  Yesterday morning was a bit cold, but clear.  Saw about four riding through the rain on the way home.  

First commute of the year today...I've got a leg injury, so I was riding a little slower than normal. Saw a total of three others on their bicycles today. As it turns out, everyone was a little slow this morning.



3 this morning...




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