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Just curious about how long everyone's commute is.  How many miles do you do each day, to work or school and back, and how long does it take you? Do you take a bus/train to supplement your commute? And if you would like to add why you commute via bicycle rather than drive or take public transit.  I am not looking for detailed routes, just general information and I thought this was something that would be interesting to find out. 


I commute a total of about 16 miles round trip a day. The commute is 7.8 miles one way if I take Lincoln Avenue and 9.5 miles one way if I take the Lake Shore/Lake Front Path (my summertime preferred route). It takes me about 40 minutes on Lincoln, about 45-50 minutes on the LFP.  I am not a fast cyclist, and I tend to stop at every light/stop sign. Sometimes I will cycle to the train station 2 miles away when it is very cold or kind of treacherous out, but then it seems to take me closer to an hour to get to work. I hate public transit as I do not like crowds, gas is too expensive and I hate driving, and I love to ride my bicycle and get the "did you ride today?" question from all my co-workers.  



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1.2 miles
my distance is weather/time dependent (how late am i for work, what's up after work, blahblah...) ~3mi, ~12mi, ~20mi, up to the rarer ~52mi round trips. Urban/suburban streets all the way. i dislike CTA, and hate most paths (they don't go where i need 'em.) Mostly i do the 20mi RT March through October, driving partway and doing my damnest to avoid driving or parking in the city. Ridable temperature is anything above 25F (okay, i'm a temperature wuss, but i've had frostbite and it sucks.)

During weekdays it is a 15 minute 2.2 mile commute from State and Madison to the West Loop at Fulton and Laflin.


The weekends used to be my weekday when I worked up North but still visit Family for about 45minutes plus or minus 10 or 20 minutes with windshear for about 8 miles.


The CTA Green and Brown line gets me to where I need to be during really crappy weather.

A little over eight miles each way, from Hyde Park to the Loop.  As I live right on the lakefront, I take the LFP the entire way, except for those days when the LFP is not ridable.  The commute typically takes me between 25 and 30 minutes in the summer, and between 35 and 45 minutes in the winter.  A couple of times, when snow was real bad, the commute took me more than an hour.  I ride year round.


I bike because I just love to bike.  Plus, biking provides a great transition for me.  I'm awake and alert when I get to work, and have shed most of the day's stresses on my way home. 


On those days where I (for whatever reason) don't ride, I'll take the Metra (or a taxi if I'm in a rush).  I rarely drive, because we have only one car, and I can't justify taking the car to work just to park it all day.  And I hate taking the bus.

1.5 miles, but about to double to 3 miles each way.  It is easy, and biking is by far the fastest mode.  It is what got me hooked on the hobby/sport/way to travel.

M-F 1.0 miles. 98% bike, occasionally walk, rarely bus.

Sat 4.5 miles-- 60% bike, 40% bus.

Bike is quickest and easiest in both cases, but sometimes I take the bus because I like riding the bus.

No drive b/c no car X 8 years.

No car b/c:

-They make our cities dangerous and ugly (60%)

-They're ecologically irresponsible (30%)

-I've learned by not having one that they add gobs of stress to your life (10%)

28 miles round trip which is why I only ride to work in decent weather. It takes me about 50 minutes each way. The CTA takes about an hour and 15 minutes with switching over buses in the loop.



7.2 miles (one way) from West Ridge to Skokie. usually a big part is up the North Channel Trail. In winter the trail is not plowed north of Touhy, so I go through residential streets in Skokie (just need to avoid the occasional coyote).

Mine is 4 1/2 miles each way, from Avondale to roughly North & Elston. I ride because it's fun, and I love it. I love (!) cars, and I love driving in other environments, but driving in the city sucks and is no fun. And it's often slower than cycling, and then you have to park, etc. The train is fine for getting downtown when I want to dress up and stay super-presentable, but the buses are slow. Besides, i committed myself to riding when I moved here. The cars are, with occasional exceptions, saved for out-of-town trips or warm-weather country-ish drives in the convertible. I like a short commute even when I'm cycling - after all, I only want to have to ride when I want to. If I want to spend more time on the bike, it's easy. But a 20-mile commute is a drag if you just want to get home and stay home.



35 miles round trip. 55 minutes each way. Three or four days a week. I have to have an off day to bring laundry and lunches back a and forth each week. We have a great fitness center at work to 3S. Hairiest part is 5 miles on Milwaukee Ave near Palwaukee airport, the rest is really pleasant flat riding.



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