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14.39 after the Unofficial CCC New Year's Day "Weather Be Damned" Ride. extrapolation for 2019: 5252.4.  :-)

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With September sung, I rolled 864 road miles (including 5 Perimeter Rides and a 3-day ride to Cleveland) + 40 hamster miles for a total of 6,939 miles y-t-d. Ahead of Curt(is)2018 by 361.5 miles and 6 PRs.

4003.3 miles cycled in 2019 after 335.7 miles (267.7 outdoor/68.0 indoor) for October.

 consecutive days cycled in 2019.

Back on the horse after a broken ankle/Grade 3 sprain ended my streak at 635 days last month. I am fortunate that it was only a chip fracture, which meant relatively minimal recovery. All in all, I was out for 15 days before I could safely and reasonably get back on two wheels. It has been encouraging to get back out there and enjoy the autumn riding in Chicago, the last two days of winter weather notwithstanding. 

October mileage of 638.35 brings me to a 2019 YTD total of 6,228.22.

736.86 for October

6085.63 for the year.

Winter's arriving and my mileage is starting to dwindle. I sure ain't ready to start putting time in on the trainer.

Rocktobered with 632 road miles (including 7 Perimeter Rides) + 250 hamster miles for a total of 7,817 miles miles y-t-d. Ahead of Curt(is)2018 by 542.1 miles and 9 PRs.

This week is on track to be the first since March that hamster miles will exceed road.

I’m at 6,931 outdoor miles. I’m not sure about indoor but it hasn’t changed significantly from last month. Currently cycling to champaign, IL so I don’t have access to all my stats. 

Didn't you see the forecast?! This weather was definitely projected, going back to last week. What route are you taking?

Hey Curtis, I saw the forecast but had to be in champaign for a football game this weekend.  I couldn’t change the date. I live out south and normally go way out of my way to stay on trails (cal sag to centennial to i&m canal to wauponsee glacial trail to kankakee river trail. I stay overnight in Bourbonnais. Day 2 is rural country roads. Typical mileage is 175 miles over 2 days. 

this year was completely different with the weather. I took trails to 167 and central and then I was on roads from there on out. I shaved 33 miles off the trip coming in at 142 miles. I beat the snow to Bourbonnais because I left at 4:45am. I have proper gear to handle the rain and cold but the wind absolutely kicked my a$$ today. 15mph winds out of the south and there was no where to hide in the freshly harvested corn fields. It was one of my hardest rides.

todays ride puts me at 7,017 outdoor miles and 345 indoor miles. I just made my outdoor mile goal for the year! 

I tip my cap to ya -- hardcore.

You wouldn't be Flemish, would you?

5415 ytd


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