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a big fat zero. at this rate, that will be my total for this year, too!

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6,268 outdoor miles plus 745 hamster miles (7,013 total).

I will certainly not catch the MagMileMarauder for total miles in 2018, nor will I catch Brett Miller (aka the Cal Ripkin of cycling) for most consecutive days ridden.  I do have a fleeting shot at catching Curt(is) but I feel Curt(is) is going to start pounding the indoor miles soon...if he hasn't already.  

We should all feel pretty good about ourselves, whatever our total distance, because we are still on our bikes and adding to our distance totals as we enter November. 

Cheers everyone!

I'm at 4995mi. Looking forward to the commute back home a little later on where I'll be crossing over 5000mi for the year so far. 


Having conceded that I will not catch Curt(is)2017, at the end of Rocktober I have a total of 7,194.9 miles (5,168.7 road miles + 2,026.2 hamster miles) and 48 Perimeter Rides.

2063.1 after the Eleventh Step Ride. extrapolation for 2018 down to 2338.6.

i like Sean's positivity.  :-)

I had a dismal showing for November, 5 rides for 163.8 miles. 5395.25 miles YTD.

I was hoping for more, but at this point I'll be happy to make 5500 miles for the year.

3370 miles (all outdoor) after 314 miles in November.

334 consecutive days cycled in 2018; average still above 10 miles per day. This week provided some challenges, but I was able to keep the streak alive heading into the final month of the year. 

6,450 outdoor miles as of November 30th and 917 hamster miles


This November in Chicago was one of the colder on record -- 14th coldest since temps have been officially recorded in 1870. As a consequence, the transition from road runner to hamster was dramatic -- 161 road miles vs. 300 hamster miles for a total of 7,655.9 miles (5,329.7 road + 2,326.2 hamster) and 49 Perimeter Rides year-to-date. This also marked the first month since January in which I performed only one PR. (I just knew I should have grabbed that thaw last Friday!)

988. Not even close to the 1500 I wanted to do.  *sigh*


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