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If anyone out and about spots this little girl give her people a ring and get some good karma.

From the owner:

"One of our adopted dogs went missing yesterday . She went missing from North & Western in Chicago but there is reason to believe she may be by the UIC medical campus but that's not confirmed. We've not had any actual sightings. We need help desperately. She has no coat or collar on. Being half Italian Greyhound there's no body fat to work off of. Time is of the essence."

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Morning bump

I do hope this little girl is found.  This breaks my heart.

If she's anything like a whippet, tell people if they see her, to shake a scarf, hat anything along the ground, like a rabbit or rat.  The instinct will kick to "hunt-kill" the moving target. THEN to grab her from behind while she is focused on the "prey".  This will also work if she is cornered...toss a hat along the ground or even into the air, she will grab that and not your hand as you try to retrieve her. 

Nancy L. Fagin

Greater Chicago Whippet Club



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