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Help me get permission to bring my bike into the nursing home. Click on the link

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Kathy, if you are being denied access to visiting your friend, perhaps your rights as a senior citizen are being violated by the nursing home management, especially if you were being previously allowed to store your bicycle safely. Perhaps you should consult with an attorney to work out visitation arrangements.

Chainlink members, please sign Kathy Schubert's petition.

I signed and left this comment:
Enrique Jimenez, please try to work out an arrangement for Kathy Schubert to safely store her bike, as in the past, in order for her to have access to visit her friend, Barbara. Thank you.


I signed your petition. I think it's wonderful that your friend has such a dedicated person who is willing to sacrifice time and effort to improve her quality of life. I hope things work out for you. A couple things come to mind, both along the lines of compromise (demonstrate to Enrique that you are willing to meet him halfway, but make it clear that halfway for you is still indoors):

  • Is it possible there are other staff who've been there longer who can attest that your bike is not a practical problem?
  • Are there any out-of-the-way places indoors where you might be able to park & lock your bike? Maybe in a nearby maintenance building or garage, or underneath a low-traffic set of stairs?

There's really been no problem with bringing my bike directly into the room.  It saves time and being 75 years old and still suffering from spine problems that made me a patient in the same nursing home 3 years ago they should cut me some slack and let the bike carry the heavy handlebar bag, the water bottle and the vase with flowers (nice to keep it upright) and whatever snack or amusement I have brought to Barbara.  I don't think there is any half way that is going to work.  Maybe you should come for a visit with me and help me carry my heavy stuff up.  I can't stand outside and call and wait for somebody to come down from the 6th floor and carry it up.  But I will until they let me revert to the old easy procedure.

Kathy, I'll bet Director Jimenez is merely trying to prevent potential personal injury or property damage from developing.  We live in a litigious country. 

For instance, I show and rent apartments.   Prospective tenants often show up with a drink in their hand.  I used to think nothing about it...until one of the prospects dropped her cup of slushy bright-orange frozen drink in someone's apartment.  The goo quickly melted and soaked into my current tenant's carpet.  And produced a stain that we could not remove.  So under threat of lawsuit, I had to buy her a new, expensive rug.

Now I tell prospects to leave all edibles downstairs in the lobby before we show apartments.  Such requests are seldom greeted with anything beside irritation.  They just don't understand.  But when you are a 'guest' in someone's home, I think you have to be on your best behavior.  And be prepared to take off your shoes, cease eating and drinking, and yes, parking your vehicle where requested.

Kathy you and I have met before and I think it's great that you are supporting your friend all these years. But this does not seem unreasonable to me that they don't want you bringing your bike in the nursing home.  

I do work with nursing homes and I can tell you they are heavily regulated. In particular they are dinged for hospital admissions which can result from infections.  The last thing I would want  as a nursing home admin is to have somebody bringing a bike - or other large external object - through the halls.

Why can't you carry those objects. Wouldn't the labor involved be the same if you drove there (not sure why biking there somehow changes things).


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