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Hello to all you chainlinkers,
I am writing looking for input and or advice from any of you that happen to be a personal trainer and or a triathlete or even a triathlete coach. I am considering a career change into the world of personal fitness.
Moving to Chicago has changed my life for the better. I was instantly captivated by the bicycling community here. Inspired to ride I began a quest to live a greener and healthier life. Over the past 4 years i lost several pounds and had alot of fun doing so. Eventually I decided to do a triathlon. I have competed in the last three Chicago triathlons and truly love the sport and the impact is has had on my life. it has given me more energy and a new appreciation for life. Next season I plan on doing 3 triathlons one of which is a half iron man.
My dream job would be a triathlon coach. I would like to share the joy I get from the sport with others.
Do any of you have advice on where I can start? I'm thinking that I should start as a personal trainer. Are there any recommendations what certificate I should look into?
Thank you in advance,

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USA Triathlon has a page devoted to this topic on their website at:

Explore their site; it appears full of good information. Best of luck.

Why don't you ask a cycling coach? Try vision quest.
Thanks guys!
I appriciate the tips.
I'll keep you posted on my progress.

I got a NASM certification a few years ago. I checked at a few gyms beforehand and they all accepted NASM. I thought the study program was pretty good and the cost of the program was competitive with those offered by others. Study the materials they send you for about 2 to 3 hours a day for a month or so and you should be good to pass the test. Good luck and have fun!


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