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I don't always find Bike Snob funny but this one gave me a good chuckle...

When it comes to being pro-bike, so-called “avid cyclists” seem to be anything but

Who is the cyclist’s worst enemy? Is it the SUV driver? The loose dog? Modest, loose, apparel made from natural fibers?

No, the greatest adversary of the cyclist is a creature called the “avid cyclist.”

Like regular cyclists, avid cyclists are a diverse group. They’re men and women, young and old, rich and poor. However, many avid cyclists seem to have one thing in common, and it is this: they freaking hate cyclists.

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Yep.  There's no greater irony than to be cut off or sworn at by someone driving a big SUV with a bike rack on the back, loaded with high-end bicycles.  Avid cyclist, indeed!

Reminds me of the GMC commercial where the guy is taking his "first real bike" for a climb in the mountains but rips around the roads in a manner that would likely kill someone doing the same:

That is not this bike... He's not that avid of a cyclist.

"Sexual dysfunction conspiracy theories aside..."

The Avid Cyclist is the new Fred.

The Bike Snob is just that....A SNOB.  

Anyone who rides a bike, of ANY persuasion, is a friend and a 'cyclist.'   How dare he try to divide and conquer?   Pitting one branch of cyclists against the other?   What does that accomplish? 

Many of us who have been biking (avidly) for many, many years believe in Vehicular Cycling, as promoted by John Forester.  We don't use or look for bike lanes, bike paths or bike infrastructure...we are comfortable on the open road, mixing and getting along with cars, trucks and motorcycles.  What is wrong with that?  Can't we all still get along?

it's interesting that you are concerned about somebody pitting different cyclists against each other when you often throw shade at people who don't ride stuff you approve of or ride differently from you...  

yep, I had the same thought. I'll throw in respect to women given that last thread on sexual assault. Empathy and compassion go a long way.

Over the years, I'd chuckle at those "avid cyclists" who would comment on bicycle related issues as people trying to get "a licesnce to ill".


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