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Has anyone ever visited and rode in Ireland? Video(6:11)

Happy St. Patrick's Day !
I found this St. Patrick's Day cycling video of Ireland to share. (If it's permissible by admin.)
It's from The Luck of the Dew. The Dew Files. 6-20-16 (6:11)
I would love to cycle Ireland. Has anyone ever visited and rode there?

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I was in Dublin back in June. I had about 8 hours before meeting my group. I rented a bike from The Lazy Bike Tour Company (they also do tours on "electric assist" bikes), I rented a cruiser bike. BTW- no electrical assist.  I rode away from the shop and came to the realization that "they" were driving on the opposite side of the street. I had no idea what sites to see. and a cutesy tourist map of the area. Then....

a tour bus passed me and I followed the tour buses all around Dublin. One- I saw the sites of Dublin, the buses never went over 15mph and it was a circular route. Great day of riding.


I saw a ton of road bikes in Western Ireland.  I didn't ride myself while there, but the owner of the cabin we rented was an avid cyclist.


The other thing I noted was the prevalence of reflective safety vests on cyclists, horse riders, and even pedestrians travelling on country roads at night. 



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