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Sometimes I pass or am passed by a cyclist listning to NPR. I think it would be nice to have NPR playing while I ride to work.

Anyone have any recommendations on some sort of radio device that I could attach to my messenger bag's strap, perhaps?

(FWIW I am not interested in anything that would need Bluetooth connectivity with my smartphone or whatever.)

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I have an older waterproof speaker I got at CVS or Walgreens for $15( I think)

It has the plug in for a 3.5 mm cable I use an older phone that has an FM radio app. A 3 foot cable works as the antenna.

It doesn't work well downtown or in East Lakeview with the high rises but every where else its great.

I have a bud in my right ear and keep the left open for traffic. Lots of people I know have little speakers that attach to their backpack/messenger bag but I think those require Bluetooth. 

HA! That might have been this guy right here. :) Sometimes I listen to Wait Wait! Don't Tell Me in podcast form on my ride to or from work. I have my iPod connected to a JBL speaker (wired; I hate Bluetooth; plus, my iPod doesn't have Bluetooth), and the speaker is attached to the shoulder strap on my backpack.


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