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Garneau Zero Degree clipless mtb boots US 11/Eur 48 $50 SOLD!

Selling some Garneau Zero clipless mountain bike boots - size US 11, Eur 48. I wear size US 11- 11.5 and felt these were too tight. If you have smaller feet, say size US 10 or smaller these will probably work fine for you especially with layering socks. They have 45Nrth Aerogel insoles and I only wore them a handful of times so wear on the boots is minimal. A couple small tears in the upper neoprene part of the boot, probably from catching on pedals or something. It doesn't seem like super-durable material, but if you want a really inexpensive pair of SPD boots and want to try it out before dumping a bunch of cash on new (EXPENSIVE) boots these may be just the ticket for you. $50 cash and carry - no delivery.

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Been looking for something like this. What general geographic area are you in? Would like to maybe come take a look and am in the North suburbs.

Down in Hyde Park near the Museum of Science and Industry 

Sent a friend request to set up a time via messaging. Tomorrow through Friday in the evening works for me.



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