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FS: Mission Workshop Bosun Merino Wool Jacket/Sweater (Medium)

I'm selling my lightly used Bosun wool jacket. It was purchased exactly one year ago from Turin (now 1027) bicycles. I've still got the original tag. 

Read more about it here:

MW Bosun

It makes a great mid-layer for biking in the winter, and is great as a stand alone for this time of the year!

Asking $185 OBO.

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Bumpity. Surely somebody wants some wool goodness. 

Bump. Price lowered to $135.

Might help if you posted pictures of the stuff you're selling.

It's possible, though I figured it people wanted to see pictures, they'd page through the MW gallery. If someone really wants to see me wearing it, I can certainly do that. 

Never really paid much attention to MS, but they do make some good looking stuff. Too bad it is all in black only.

For sure. I haven't laid hands on anything of theirs that has been bad quality. The craftsmanship is definitely top notch. If I read correctly, the Bosun and the Orion were both made at the Arcteryx factory in Vancouver, so you know it's well made.


What part of the city do you live in? Id like to try it on if i may...


Hi David. I'm in Andersonville near Foster and Clark. Come on up, or let me know if you'll be somewhat nearby.

My gf lives up there so im guaranteed to be nearby before long. Ill let you know when i am.

Jim, I just know that when I'm buying used gear, I like to see a picture of the item in its current state. Some sites like Geartrade do that for most of their stuff. Looks like a nice jacket but out of my price range.



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